Im Freak Woohoo!

Advice to writers: sometimes you just stop writing ever before u begin
Some Times,I Think About My Life about me And Just Want To Kind Of Bang My Head Into A Wall :))

Hi! i m Vkey | From India |I Studied At What I Believe They Call the University 0f Life , I Didn't Get a Very Good Degree There or u can say A street kid that has a degree is an awesome thing

I ♥ listen hard core music & party
I ♥ Sexy Bitches :-*
I ♥ All Stuff Related To Speed 8)
I ♥ All Freak Me out kind stuff headbanging \m/

em little bit Freak Mad or may be psycho people say that
& some time i think yes i m l0l 8-}

In Short:

I Walk on my own path Love my own way talk in my own words
do what my heart says and one day the world say

"He is mad never listen to any one"

and i hate this symbol ♥ look like ass =))

btw I Hate 3 Things in This World Religion,The Nation,The Species still i love i think ? :-/

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"update at 7/6/2011 Waiting for end :D why not we die young"

Game Over Bitches! - Vkey!

When I.. Was Born..
Devil said.. "Ohh.. Shit..! CompeTiTion.." :P